Cyber Security & IT Health Assessment

A 100% Free & No- Obligation comprehensive report card on the stability and security of business IT infrastructure.

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Network & IT Assessment

Server & Desktop Infrastructure:

Record and document hardware and software on each device.

Is there missing software license keys?

Is there pirated software?

Is any of the equipment out of warranty or End-of-Life support?



Operating Systems & Active Directory Configuration:

An inventory of Operating Systems and an evaluation of how the O/S is set up.

Is Active Directory in place, and is it correctly deployed?



Data Backups & Business Continuity:

Are your backups running?

Can you restore a file, application or server quickly?

Do you test your backups to insure they are viable?


LAN/WAN Performance & Security:

Are your WAN routers, LAN switches, and your Firewall all manufacturers supported?

Is your network flashed to recent software levels, and configured to insure good performance and high security?

Cyber Security Assessment

Critical Data Backups / Business Continuity

Server and computer anti-virus and anti-malware

Network Security (Web content filtering/Intrusion Detection/Prevention)

Policies and Procedures Documentation

Employee Education on Cyber Security